The Design Review Panel provides scheme promoters, local authorities and design teams with ‘in-house design review days.


Four multidisciplinary Panel members will attend your offices, providing the convenience  of bringing the Panel to you. The day will take place between 10am & 4pm, and will be available to provide a series (up to 6) in-house design review sessions, on various projects underway within the office.


A summary feedback sheet will be provided for each project reviewed. Feedback from design review panels is a material consideration in planning, as set out within paragraph 128 of the NPPF.


Design Review Panel days do not replace full design review panel sessions and are intended to enable early engagement with The Design Review Panel, providing initial feedback, prior to a full review.


The ‘in-house’ sessions reduces the cost of the design review panel process as the costs can be spread over a number of projects.


The process also provides staff with excellent professional development and exposure to multidisciplinary design expertise.


We require a minimum of 14 days to arrange an in-house day; please email or telephone 01395 265768 to book.

Testimonial - Graham Devine, Chartered Architect & Director at LHC Design (


  • Payment is due at the time of reservation and bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of cleared funds payment


  • Once payment has been made bookings cannot be cancelled or postponed and are non-refundable.


  • Information to be reviewed by the Panel is to be provided to the Panel administrator no later than 7 days in advance of the booked session date, using the blue  'Upload Files' button above


  • The Panel reserves the right to cancel or postpone a session.


  • A written summary feedback documents are provided for each project erveiwed (up to 6) 14 working days after sessions have taken place.


  • Feedback provided by the Panel is opinion and suggestion only and does not constitute professional advice


  • Prices are subject to the booking party providing a meeting room along with all necessary IT and presentation equipment, refreshments and lunch for those in attendnace.