Coronavirus Service Adjustments:


We know it is a very challenging time for everyone and we want to continue to support applicants and local authorities. Therefore over the coming months, we look forward to working with you when developing the best approaches and technology solutions to delivering our services.

We are continuing to offer the same high quality, expert, multidisciplinary and independent design review panel meetings online, utilising video conferencing. Sessions (which will now be carried out via video conferencing) should be booked using our online booking system in the usual way.  In light of Government advice, we are not currently offering face to face meetings.

The Design Review Panel can provide scheme promoters, local authorities and design teams with bespoke immersive 360˚ degree virtual site visits; removing the need to visit site in person or to have to hold site meetings with multiple personnel in attendance.


Combining the use of 360˚ Photography (using am extremely high resolution 360 degree camera) and with our digital skills, we can create a virtual tour that creates an immersive experience allowing a site tour to be created and shared remotely. 

Example Project - Click in the screen below to start your tour!


Key Benefits:

  • Social Distancing:- The 360 Virtual Site Tours can be used instead of a site visit as part of the design review panel process, as well as by local authority planning departments to facilitate pre-application discussions generally whilst maintaining social distancing.

  • Reducing Costs:- Having a 360 Virtual Site Tour created reduced the need to have multiple consultants travel to site for a site visit.

  • Repeated Use:- Once the 360 Virtual Tour has been produced it can be used again and again if you need to repeat presentations or allow others to also see the site.

  • Interactive Film:- Once a 360 Virtual Tour has been produced as an additional service these can also be made into a film that may include titles, text overlays, image overlays and voice overs for use in marketing and consultation exercises.

How it Works:

  • Request a Quote:- Fill in the form opposite and upload a site plan or aerial photo indicating the route you would like the 360 Virtual Tour to take.

  • Accept & Make Payment:- Having received your information we will revert back to you with a quote; if you wish to proceed, once you have confirmed and made payment we will contact you to make arrangement regarding site access.

  • 360 Tour Carried Out:- On an agreed date someone will visit the site and carry out the necessary photography/filming.

  • 360 Tour Provided:- Having visited the site your 360 Virtual Tour will be ready and we will provide you with a link for you to watch the Virtual Tour online through any web browser. 

  • Request a Film of the Tour:- As an extra service a film of the 360 Tour can also be provided to you incorporating text overlays, graphics overlays and voice overs.

Request a Quote for 360 Virtual Tour

Please upload a site plan or Aerial photograph that indicates the route and direction your would like the 360 Virtual Tour to take. Please indicate the start and end point. You may also include any points of interest or notes you would like added.

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