Design Review Panel; A Guide For Developers, Consultants & Promoters

The below document is for all those on the ‘applicant’ side of the development & planning process; landowners, developers, consultants, architects & other designers. It explains how the design review panel process works & how to get the most from it. 


The design review panel process is referred to in paragraph 129 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which states that local authorities should ensure that they have access to, and make appropriate use of, and that they should give weight to the recommendations of design review panels.

Where a planning application goes to appeal and there are design issues involved, the inspector may well refer to the findings of The Design Review Panel. 

The Design Review Panel provides applicants with independent, impartial, multidisciplinary and constructive  feedback on the design of their proposals, and as such may speed up the planning process and reduce the risk of aborting work due to an unexpected planning application decision.