BIM for Landscape: Case Study Lancaster University Management School by LT Studio Landscape Architec

Many thanks to LT Studio, who have provided the below. Marc Dix Landscape Architect from LT Studio is a Design Review Panel member, attending Design Review Panels across the South West; in Cornwall, Devon (both Plymouth and Exeter), Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Swindon.

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"At the close of 2015, LT Studio Landscape Architects won a competition to design the landscape for a new 19,000m² campus project at Lancaster University to deliver a world class teaching and learning environment. In accordance with the 2016 mandate concerning all centrally funded Government projects, the scheme was to be delivered to BIM level 2.

After celebrating our win, we quickly realised we needed to rise to the challenge of working in Revit to BIM level 2 across all RIBA Stages; the project required the delivery of a fully federated, 3D Revit model, whilst working to Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR), via a BIM Execution Plan to aid the development of the BIM processes.

Public realm design has been key to the scheme; the masterplan offers an agile set of spaces that will be relevant across the broad spectrum of the Management School’s potential occupants to complement the new buildings which will include two new 200 capacity lecture theatres.

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The design of the spaces will stimulate collaborative working by creating environments that are open, creative and inclusive, whilst providing more traditional accommodation and spaces for quieter, more contemplative working. It will also reconnect key external spaces across the campus structure including the central spine.

BIM with Revit has been a challenge to implement, and we have learnt quickly to get to the required levels. In the early days, it was difficult to find resources and support specifically for our needs and it was clear that Revit was not built with landscape in mind! We reviewed our internal protocols and workflows at the outset to ensure we were working in harmony with the EIR. Getting this strategy right internally was key, along with creating a template and developing required libraries.

Training and software investments have been significant upfront but throughout the lifetime of the project the outlay is manageable. We’re now rolling out Revit across other projects which we aim to offer alongside traditional hand drawn techniques.

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Having a central Revit model aids successful interdisciplinary collaboration and information sharing which for a project of this size is key. As the project nears the end of stage 4, having put in a lot of ground work, we look forward to realising the benefits that will be gleaned towards the end of the process for the whole supply chain team; potential clashes have been highlighted and removed, the landscape will be built as intended with no surprises from either the design or the construction side and cost savings associated with this way of working will be realised for the client.

Future cost savings may also be found in using the model as an asset management tool beyond the construction phase for other purposes including site maintenance.

‘It’s clear that with a complex and large scale project of this type, a 3D approach is required; BIM with a fully federated Revit model has allowed the landscape design to be integral part of the review and coordination process at every stage. We’re delighted to be at the forefront of this way of working in our discipline.’

- Livia Klimaj – BIM Co-ordinator, LT Studio

The project has been submitted for planning with a determination date of 21st June 2017".


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